N-Fab Growler Step System Review

Running Boards Built For Work

Running boards serve an important purpose. They make getting in and out of the cab easier, while simultaneously adding some extra protection to the side of your truck. Most trucks come from the factory with running boards, but they’re often of a lesser quality, unaesthetic, and offer less than satisfactory performance and durability. Many truck owners turn to aftermarket steps. There are literally hundreds of options out there for every make and model truck. About a month ago, we received a free set of N-Fab’s Growler Step System from RealTruck.com to try out on our 2018 Ram 2500 Megacab. After installing the running boards and using them on my truck for a couple weeks, I wanted to give you guys my honest opinion about these new steps. Here’s what I thought!

N-FAB Growler Step System

Running boards or Nerf Bars come standard from the factory on most diesel trucks for a reason. They make getting in and out of your truck easier, while simultaneously adding some much needed protection to the sides. While factory running boards or nerf bars get the job done, there is a lot of room for improvement. One aftermarket company, N-Fab,  just released two new sets of step systems for truck owners, the predator pro nerf bars, and the Growler step system. In this article, we’re going to be going over the Growler running boards. For the Predator pro nerf steps, click here.

Meet the N-Fab Growler Step System

N-Fab’s Growler step system is the ideal running board for truck owners wanting a good looking and functional step system. These running boards are 7 inches wide, and feature a “Tread pattern” to optimize grip. Unlike some nerf bars or running boards, this step system gives the truck owner grip on the entire length of the running board. This makes it ideal for people living where it snows, or rains frequently. An all aluminum construction and a textured black powder coat make the N-fab growler step system tough, durable, and appealing to the eyes. Their bolt-on design makes installation seamless on most trucks, and they are backed with a 5 year warranty on finish, and a limited lifetime warranty on workmanship.


  • “Tread” design on entire running board for maximum grip
  • 7″ Wide All Aluminum running boards and end caps
  • Textured black powder coat finish
  • Bolt-On for most trucks
  • Available in Cab Length


  • 5 year warranty on finish
  • lifetime warranty on workmanship


Love these running boards? Check them out at Realtruck!