Top Five Christmas Gift Ideas For Guys & Gals that Like Trucks in 2019

What should you buy to spoil the special truck enthusiast in your life?

Christmas is almost here! If you haven’t picked up your presents already, you’re on a serious time crunch! Maybe you have no clue what to get your significant other! If they’re obsessed with their pickup truck, there are numerous gifts that are very useful but won’t break the bank! Some of most useful accessories also happen to be the cheapest accessories you will find. If you have no idea about trucks, you probably wouldn’t think of them. I’m going to help you out. Here are my 5 best Christmas gift ideas for truck lovers in 2019!

1. Dee Zee Tailgate Assist $25-$30

One of the most useful Christmas Gift Ideas for truck owners in 2019 also happens to be the cheapest. The Dee Zee Tailgate Assist stops you from ever slamming the tailgate again. When you drop your tailgate, the tailgate assist controls the fall of your tailgate by using a shock absorber. The other benefit is that it makes it easier to close your tailgate too. This is extremely useful because it allows you to easily open or close your tailgate when your hands are full. It also makes tailgates safer to operate for kids. Installation only takes around 5-10 minutes and should be very easy for anyone with basic hand tools.

Check out our Dee Zee Tailgate Assist review for more information. Keep in mind, the tailgate assist isn’t necessary for recent GMC or Chevrolet trucks. They come equipped with the EZ-Lift tailgate that provides these same features. Here’s a couple of links directly to the Dee Zee Tailgate Assist on Amazon.

Dee Zee Tailgate Assist in action

2. Rubber Floor Liner Set $80-$200

Floor Liners have a huge impact when it comes to keeping your truck clean. This is especially the case in areas where you experience snow or muddy conditions frequently. Floor Liners are contoured to fit your truck perfectly. This means they are shaped perfectly to match the floor of your truck. They are significantly better at keeping your truck clean too because they aren’t flat. Floor liners have an inch or two depth to contain spills, mud, snow, or whatever else you throw at them. These are an excellent addition to a truck that frequently has little kids riding in the back. Depending on your truck’s cab configuration, Floor Liners will be different. We recommend using Husky Liners because they’re high quality and we have used them on numerous trucks. I’ll include some links below to Floor Liners for popular trucks.

Husky Liners For Ram

Husky Liners for Ford

Husky Liners for Chevrolet & GMC Trucks

3. Bug Guards/Hood Shields

Where I’m located in Florida, we have an unbelievable abundance of love bugs. Not only do these love bugs make a nasty mess when they hit your truck, but their remains are acidic which can cause paint damage if it’s not removed quickly. Bugs aren’t the only thing bug guards like the EGR Super Guard Hood Shield protect against. Rocks can also cause damage to your truck’s hood. At only $60-$80 bug shields are a must-have.

I personally like the EGR Super Guard Hood Shield. Why? I love this specific bug shield because it requires no drilling and doesn’t use tape either. It mounts using factory holes under the hood and two clips. It takes at the most 5-10 minutes to install, and it does a tremendous job at keeping my 2018 Ram 2500’s hood clean. There are other available bug shield options too though! They can be found in Chrome, matte black, or gloss black configurations. You can find links to the EGR Super Guard Hood Shield for popular trucks directly below.

EGR Superguard Bug Shield 2018 Ram 2500

EGR Super Guard for Ram Trucks

EGR Super Guard for Ford Trucks

EGR Super Guard for Chevrolet Trucks

4. Bolt Locks – Receiver Locks $31

Does the person you’re shopping for have a hitch on the back of their truck? If they do, they probably have a receiver lock to keep their precious hitch safe. If they don’t and they’re just using a pin, they NEED one. Hitches are very easy to steal and frequently taken off of trucks in parking lots. Receiver locks are a must-have.

The problem with receiver locks however, is that they use a separate key. You then have to add this key to your key chain or store it somewhere in your truck. What if it gets lost? You’ll have to break your lock to take your hitch off. Bolt Locks offers a receiver lock that utilizes your truck key. It memorizes the 1st key that is installed in the lock. This is much more convenient than having extra keys you have to keep around. Check out the links below to find which bolt lock you need.

5. Programmers & Monitors

Programmers and Monitors provide real time data about a truck’s performance. This includes engine oil temperature, coolant temp, fuel economy and other things. Many monitor units also offer tuning that increases horsepower and torque, improves fuel economy, and make the truck more fun to drive. They also allow you to read and clear diagnostic codes, and adjust settings like the speed limiter. Just be aware of whether the programmer you pick offers clean emissions compliant tuning or emissions delete tuning!

Bully Dog BDX - #5 on our list of the best Christmas gift ideas for 2019.

Quality programmers include the Edge Insight CTS2 and Bully Dog’s BDX or GTX. I’ve had all three on my trucks and they all feature highly customizable displays and valuable insights. They’re universal so these units will work with pretty much all trucks. The Bully Dog/SCT BDX and GTX offer tuning with their units however, so if you’re looking for more than just a monitor, that is the way to go.

Want More Christmas Gift Ideas for 2019?

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4th Generation 6.7L Cummins Leveling Kits

2010-2018 Ram 2500 & Ram 3500 Cummins Leveling Kits

Leveling Kits are an amazing alternative to lift kits. They’re more affordable, and they retain most of your factory components. This gives you factory ride characteristics and slightly better clearance to add some bigger tires and wheels. Leveling kits come in three different styles: coil spring spacers, replacement coil springs, and bigger torsion keys. When it comes to a four-wheel drive 6.7L Cummins, your two options are a coil spring spacer, or all new coil springs. While there are two styles of leveling kits for these trucks, there are literally hundreds of leveling kit systems available today. Confused yet? Don’t be. Here is everything you need to know about picking a 4th Generation 6.7L Cummins leveling kit.

4th Gen Cummins Replacement Coil Spring Leveling Kits

The best and most comfortable riding option, without a doubt, is replacement coil springs. Paired with larger shocks, this form of leveling kit will give you the smoothest ride, and even be an improvement on your stock steering. Carli suspension, Thuren fabrication, and Bilstein are three well known companies that specialize in Coil spring replacement leveling kits for 4th Gen Cummins trucks. While these leveling kits are ideal, they are more expensive than coil spring spacers, the next best option. You can expect to spend $500 or more on these Cummins leveling kits.

The Bilstein leveling kits pictured below are an affordable, high quality leveling kit for a 4th Generation Cummins. This kit comes with reservoir shocks and all the necessary hardware for a complete installation. It’s completely bolt-on and installation is very easy, even for people who aren’t mechanics. The only addition I would make is to purchase an adjustable track bar. After installation, make sure you have the truck aligned as soon as possible!

Bilstein Coil Spring Replacement Leveling kit for 2014-2018 Ram 2500 With 6.7L Cummins Engine
Bilstein 46-263889 Fits 2014-2018 Ram 2500
Bilstein 46-264503 Fits 2013-2018 Ram 3500

Coil Spring Spacers

Instead of replacement coil springs, coil spring spacers sit on top of the coils and add some extra height! This method is very cheap, however, it doesn’t offer the same ride quality as replacing your coil springs. There are hundreds of options out there for coil spring spacers. Make sure you replace your factory shocks or add shock extenders to help retain factory ride quality. An aftermarket adjustable track bar is also a good upgrade to improve ride quality. All necessary hardware should be included. Check out some popular 4th generation Cummins leveling kits available on Amazon below!

Want to find out more about leveling Kits? Check out our comprehensive post by clicking here.

What Is A Leveling Kit?

Looking to add a couple inches of height and clearance to your diesel truck? A Leveling kit is an affordable way to raise your truck while maintaining factory steering and suspension components. Have you ever noticed that your diesel sits higher in the rear? Often referred to as “Rake”, your diesel truck sits higher in the rear from the factory. Leveling kits add height to the front of your ride, providing that “leveled” stance. This is accomplished with the use of spring spacers or torsion keys. Now, there are companies that provide new coil springs altogether in their leveling kits. Compared to lift kits, leveling kits are very easy to install and much cheaper. However, leveling kits can only provide .5”-2.5” of lift height, as anything more than that typically requires additional modifications.

When You Should Choose A Leveling Kit

Leveling kits are an awesome option for diesel truck owners who aren’t looking to have a monstrous pick-up truck. They let you retain your factory steering and suspension components which allows you to maintain a comfortable ride. At Diesel Resource, we believe leveling kits make great additions to daily driven diesel trucks. Just remember, tire and wheel selection have a significant impact on your ride. If there isn’t enough rubber between your wheel and the road, your ride quality will suffer. Big, knobby mud tires also don’t help your ride quality on paved roads. Depending on the size rims and tires you select, trimming your fenders or purchasing a bumper spacer kit may be necessary!

Powerstroke And Cummins Leveling Kits

Powerstroke and Cummins equipped diesel trucks utilize coil spring spacers that add some height to your truck’s factory coil springs. They can also replace your coil springs altogether, which might be a little more expensive, but it will offer vastly superior ride quality. We recommend that if you go with a leveling kit, you purchase some bigger shocks. If you don’t want to invest in bigger shocks, at least make sure the leveling kit your purchase comes with shock extenders. This will help keep you comfortable. Most powerstrokes and cummins equipped trucks can fit wheels up to 12” wide as long as you stick with tires under 35” tall. If you’re going for that wide and low stance, you should probably stick with a smaller tire. I regularly post diesels on my instagram pages of people even fitting 305s and 22x14s with some cutting. This isn’t ideal for a good riding/towing truck, but I understand the obsession with wide forged wheels. Keep in mind every truck is different and you may need to trim your fenders depending on what wheels and tires you select. If you have questions about what fits, visit a reputable offroad shop near you.

2006 Dodge Ram 2500 with 2" Leveling kit
2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins with 2″ Rough Country leveling kit, 33×12.50r22 Nitto MT tires, and 22×12 American Force Evo SS8 Wheels.

GM Duramax Leveling Kits

GM trucks, because of their independent front suspension, utilize torsion bars. Because of this, GM leveling kits use a torsion key leveling system. You can use stock keys to level your truck, but we recommend bigger, aftermarket keys. This will help you maintain factory angles steering geometry. Aftermarket upper control arms also significantly improve steering geometry. If you purchase a quality leveling kit from Cognito or Kryptonite for your Duramax, they’re often included. Complete kits are usually the best route because your truck will ride like stock! Bigger shocks, shock extensions, and beefier front end components are also typically included.

Because of GM’s square fenders, the clearance is limited so even with a leveling kit you will have to compromise with slightly smaller wheels and tires than your buddies with Ford or Ram trucks. However, a leveling kit will still allow you much bigger tires and rims than your stock truck could. If you’re willing to cut your fenders or wheel liner, you can give yourself a little extra room. Bumper spacers can also increase clearance for bigger tires!

LML Duramax Leveling Kit
2015 LML Duramax with a Leveling Kit. 33×12.50r22 Toyo AT’s & 22×12 Specialty Forged Wheels.

Gas vs Diesel Trucks: Why Diesel has our Vote

Is it worth buying a diesel? They typically cost more vs their gas counterparts as diesel engines are considered an upgrade.  They cost more to maintain and fix and diesel prices are more expensive at the pump than regular gas. If you don’t know much about trucks and you’re just looking at price tags, it may be difficult to justify the purchase. Once you understand the benefits, however, there are actually a lot of reasons a diesel truck may hold greater value and be more practical for you. Here is why Diesel gets our vote.


When you see people towing heavy loads, it is usually by a Diesel. Let me give you an example to help you understand the difference between a gas and diesel full size truck. A 2018 Ram 2500 Power Wagon equipped with the best in class 6.4L Hemi has 410 Torque lb/feet. That same year truck equipped with a 6.7L Cummins produces over 800 lb/feet of torque. You’ll find the same scenario regardless of which make of truck you choose. There are a variety of reasons why diesel trucks produce more torque, with the main reasons being turbo boost, stroke length, and cylinder pressure. They are actually more efficient as well.  Because of its much higher torque, a diesel will be able to pull a heavy load at a much lower rpm range resulting in your truck not having to work as hard.


When was the last time you saw a gas truck running well at over 200,000 miles? Diesels are built to be abused, and for a long time at that. It’s very common to see Diesels with more than 200,000 miles. Many have even made it to a million miles! I personally have a 1984 Ford F-250 with 6.9 IDI motor in it and it just hit over 200,000 miles. If you’re planning on putting mileage on your truck or keeping it for a long time, diesel is the way to go!

Fuel Economy

As if power and longevity aren’t enough, Diesels get better fuel economy as well. In the last couple of years, 1/2 ton trucks have started to come out with diesel engines too! Both Ram’s EcoDiesel and Ford’s 3.0L Powerstroke are capable of getting close to 30 mpgs on the highway and over 20 mpg in the city. Even the big, 3/4 and 1 ton trucks are getting close to 20 mpg highway. Add a trailer or bigger wheels and tires and any truck will suffer mpg wise. In my experience, i’ve always experienced less of a drastic drop in mpg in a diesel.

More Aftermarket Add-Ons

My favorite thing about diesels is that they have so many aftermarket products available to improve your truck’s horsepower, torque, and fuel economy! Gas trucks have some aftermarket parts too, but performance wise the parts just don’t make as much of a difference. Tunes, turbo kits, fuel system upgrades, and exhausts make a huge difference in diesel trucks. There are numerous diesels making 1000+ horsepower and 2000 torque. Yes, I understand this doesn’t make for a practical daily driver. The point i’m trying to get across is that with a diesel you have a lot more options and ways to customize your truck to make it the perfect truck for you.


Being an old sales consultant at a car dealership, I got to witness depreciation in all its glory on a daily basis. The older your truck gets, the more miles you put on it, and whether you’ve been in an accident all can have a huge impact on your truck’s value. There are more factors that affect depreciation too. With that being said, Diesel trucks depreciate much less! Take a look at craigslist, an 02 F-250, 7.3 Powerstroke with under 200k miles can still be sold for $10-15000. That just doesn’t happen with gas trucks. You may have to pay more initially, but you will get more later!

Summing It All Up

Diesel trucks can cost you more money, but if you can afford it, we think you should consider making the upgrade. Whether you buy a Duramax, Powerstroke, or Cummins you’ll never want a gas truck again. Diesel trucks are more powerful, last longer, and get better fuel economy! If you’re someone that likes to customize your truck, they have more performance options available. You will find out when you go to trade or sell your truck that they depreciate less too! Convinced you should buy a Diesel yet? The next decision is even harder. Which Diesel truck is the best for you? Powerstroke, Cummins, or Duramax? We’ll be doing write-ups about all of them soon, to help you out!






Picking the Right Ball Mount for Your Truck

So you bought a truck. Now it’s time to put all that torque to use pulling your boat to the lake. Before you can get out there though, you need a ball mount! With hundreds of different options out there ranging from cheap to really expensive it can be hard to make a decision. Where do you start? What are some important qualities to look for in a ball mount? How much should you spend? Let us, at Diesel Resource,  help you out!

Start with Size

Size is important when it comes to your ball mount. You need to select the right receiver size otherwise you will need an adapter. Receiver size depends on the class of hitch your truck is equipped with. There are five classes that are based off of weight. It varies, but most full size trucks will have a class IV or V receiver. It’s best to check your truck’s specifications to see what you can safely tow and then buy the hitch accordingly. It is so important to know what your trailer weighs and always make sure your hitch and ball mount are up to the task!

Is your truck lifted, or do you plan on modifying the tires or suspension in the future? You might need an adjustable ball mount! You want your trailer running parallel to the ground when connected to the truck to maximize stability and control. If your truck sits too high or too low it could be an issue! With adjustable ball mounts, you can adjust the height of the ball mount up or down to make sure you’re hooking up the trailer to the correct height. For extreme differences of height, you may need to add a stabilizer kit to maintain full tow capacity. For regular circumstances, it’s not required. We actually always purchase adjustable hitches for our personal trucks, even if it’s just for small adjustments.

Important Features in a Ball Mount

There are some basic features we think you should consider when purchasing your ball mount. Here is our list:

  • Adjustability: If you have a lifted truck, you need a ball mount with this feature.
  • Ball Size: Make sure the ball mount you purchase has the proper ball mount for the trailer you pull.
  • Invest in a Dual Ball or Tri-Ball: If you’re going to be pulling different types of trailers, you should invest in a multi-ball hitch. This makes changing ball sizes really easy and less time consuming.
  • Finish: I spend a great deal of time polishing up my truck, and it’s important to me that my hitch looks up to par! If you’re not going to be towing super heavy, an aluminum hitch may make sense! It will keep your hitch from becoming corroded and look good when towing!

How Much Should I Pay for a Ball Mount?

There are so many ball mounts out there that you can purchase, but it really comes down to how often you’re going to use it, and how heavy you are going to tow. If you’re going to tow infrequently, a cheaper option probably makes the most sense. You should also consider the features that are important to you. If you drive a stock truck, you don’t need to invest in a 12” Drop hitch. Be honest with yourself about what features you need, and base your decision on that. A standard ball mount of good quality shouldn’t cost more than $200, with many being way less than that. Even adjustable ball mounts will be around that figure.

If you’re going to tow frequently and with heavy loads, I recommend you invest in a better ball mount. There are some really high quality products that can have a big impact for someone who tows frequently. They may be more expensive up front, but it will be worth it. Read the next section for some luxury features for those of you who tow frequently.

Ball Mounts for Frequent Towers:

If you are someone that uses your truck to pull a trailer a lot you should consider investing in a better hitch that has some premium features. Here are some features we recommend:

  • Tongue Weight Scale: If you’re no stranger to towing, you know how important tongue weight is. It used to be a pain in the @$$ to calculate, but thanks to some innovative minds in the industry, there are now ball mounts with built-in tongue weight scales! Protect yourself from trailer sway by staying in that 10-15% sweet spot.
  • Torsion System: Your truck and trailer can take a beating going over rough roads, potholes, and bumps. With a standard hard-connection hitch, 100% of that inertia is transferred between the truck and the trailer when you hit a bump. With torsion hitches, however, only 10% of that inertia is transferred. This results in a much more comfortable and stable ride. It also saves your truck and trailer from metal fatigue as a result!

We recently reached out to one of the most innovative companies in the space, Gen-Y! They manufacture hitches, ball mounts, and more to help create a truly different towing experience. When it comes to features, our 16k Adjustable Torsion Hitch is packed with them. We use it on our L5P Duramax. It has both a mechanical tongue weight scale and a patented torsion system to make towing easier than it has ever been before. Check out our review of Gen-Y’s torsion hitch to find out more by clicking here.



Gen-Y Adjustable Torsion Ball Mount Hitch
The Gen-Y 16K Torsion Drop Hitch I Use on my Truck

Buying a Truck in 2018: New Potential and Issues

Diesel Trucks today aren’t what they used to be. They used to be slow, rugged, and basic machines meant for strenuous work, but today they offer comparable features to modern luxury cars. They ride like cadillacs and with modern technology are extremely powerful and quick.  However, with all of this new technology and new options they are not always as reliable and bullet proof as their predecessors.

Today’s diesel pickups are comprised of thousands of sophisticated parts that amount to the vast amount of features and power these new beasts are laying down. However, with all these parts come new issues. Every make and model has its own set of problems while also having its advantages. While many seem obsolete, some can be a big deal to a Diesel Lover like myself. Here are some common pros and cons with today’s Diesel Trucks.



  • Lightweight aluminum construction allows for better fuel economy and faster acceleration.
  • Many exclusive and high-end features, especially the trailer assist system.
  • Tons of Cab Space
  • Lots of Power & quick acceleration



  • Numb Steering Feel
  • Slightly Fragile because of aluminum
  • Aluminum body repair is also more expensive
  • More moving parts and less mechanic friendly under the hood. I’ve never been a huge fan of Powerstrokes because of the complexity and difficulty of some repairs. This leads to a lot more labor and increased labor costs at the mechanic.
  • Stiffer Suspension compared to GM Model trucks associated with straight axle.



  • The Legendary Allison Transmission
  • Independent Front Suspension Allows for a great ride
  • Great Motors



  • Independent Front Suspension can be more costly and complex to add lift kits. Bigger Tires and Wheels can also lead to issues with front end, requires more heavy duty parts
  • New L5P Duramax has lack of performance parts and tuners because of “Uncrackable” ECM.
  • Slightly tighter space compared to other makes.
  • Some Trims lack in luxury features.
  • Expensive
  • Fuel Economy is average, not very impressive
  • Turning Radius



  • Often times cheaper than the other makes/models
  • Variety of Trim packages with the high end models being very luxurious.
  • Largest Interior /w Megacab package. The truck’s rear seats recline!
  • Arguably the best Diesel Motor, Inline 6
  • Best Fuel Economy
  • Still Carry Manual Transmission Trucks
  • Turning Radius is Amazing



  • Transmissions are Sub-par
  • Different trims have different HP/TQ
  • Slightly slower acceleration speed when it’s stock compared to its V8 Rivals