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DieselResource Review of the 2017 Ram 3500 SRW

Find out about our 2017 Ram 3500 Megacab here!

My Thoughts on the 2017 Ram 3500 SRW

Coming from a variety of diesel trucks with lower trims, my 2017 Megacab was a huge upgrade.  I purchased the Laramie Longhorn Model, with every available option as well as a slightly more powerful motor compared to its lower-trim counterparts. With 385 HP stock and 900 lbs of torque, this thing was a monster. Here are my thoughts and observations after a year of ownership.



Second to none, this interior was magnificent. Dark brown leather with detailed stitching adorned the seats and dashboard. Equipped with almost every available option, It had heated and AC seats paired with a heated steering wheel that made the drive comfortable under all conditions. It also had rear heated seats along with rear air conditioning to keep your passengers behind you comfortable. The 9” display head unit and upgraded sound system worked flawlessly. The only option this truck was missing was apple carplay. The truck had capabilities with Android phones and wireless charging, but both Ford and GM trucks already use Apple Carplay.



The 4th Gen Cummins is as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. The Classic “Big Rig” look is apparent in all of its features. Round fenders and a tall stock ride allow for the use of bigger tires and wheels with minimal effort. Projector Headlights accompanied with bright LED strips make the truck something to behold at night while also lighting up the entire road. The truck also came with cab lights that helped make the truck look closer to a Semi than a pick-up.



Compared to all of the other Cummins trucks i’ve driven, this one was the smoothest! I’ve grown accustomed to the clunkiness that comes with the sub-par transmissions these trucks have been paired with. However, this one shifted similar to my Duramax, even with downshifting. Pair this truck with a heavy load and it drives wonderfully. With the leaf springs, it can be a bit stiff on the road, however, with the 2500 models they offer a rear coil spring suspension that offers a more comfortable ride.


Overall Thoughts

Owning a Megacab has always been a dream of mine and I highly recommend these 4th Gen Cummins Trucks. There are tons of modifications power-wise and because of their straight axle front suspension and rounded fenders, it is almost too easy to stick some big tires underneath the truck. It has plenty of power, and I even believe it rides better towing a heavy load. Fuel economy is also best in class which is amazing considering it outweighs its competitors.

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