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Ford Introduces New 2020 Super Duty

Find out about the 2020 Super Duty Powerstroke Here!

Ford just released the first details on their new 2020 Super Duty trucks coming out this Fall. Major performance changes include two new available engines, a new transmission, and chassis upgrades. Because of these changes, Ford managed to post increases in both towing and payload ratings! In fact, Ford is labeling the 2020 Super Duty as their most powerful and capable heavy duty truck to date. New interior and exterior designs, along with new smart trailer technology will also be added. Here is what we know so far.

2020 Super Duty Performance

Two New Engines

Ford’s 2020 Super Duty will have two new engine offerings in addition to their existing 6.2L Gas V8. First, a new 7.3L Gasoline powered V8 engine will be available on the new Super Duty. Ford believes this engine will be the most powerful Gas V8 engine in its class. A new third generation 6.7L Powerstroke V8 diesel engine will also be available. The new Powerstroke engine will utilize a new 36,000 PSI fuel injection system, new injectors, and a redesigned variable-geometry (VGT) turbocharger to achieve higher horsepower and torque numbers. How much higher? That information isn’t available yet, but as soon as we have more details, we’ll be sure to share!

The new 6.7L Powerstroke will receive critical structural improvements to the cylinder head, block, connecting rods, and bearings to achieve higher output and cylinder pressure. Steel Pistons were also added, resulting in higher firing pressure capability and less friction.

New TorqShift 10-Speed Transmission

The 2020 Super Duty will receive a new 10-Speed TorqShift transmission this Fall. All 2020 Super Duty trucks, not just the diesel, will be available with the new TorqShift. This new transmission features a much wider gear ratio range than the previous 6-Speed, to handle the most difficult towing tasks. Class-exclusive live-drive PTO (Power Take Off) will still be available. The Live-Drive PTO option allows customers to power accessory industrial equipment or accessories with the truck in motion. New drive modes like eco, slippery, ,deep sand and snow are now available. Ford managed to accomplish all this while utilizing the same space and only adding 3.5 pounds to the new TorqShift!

10-Speed TorqShift Transmission found in 2020 Super Duty Powerstroke trucks
New 10-Speed TorqShift Transmissions

Refined Interior

Numerous interior changes were made to higher trim packages. Updated decorative appliqués were used on doors and the media bin door of Lariat trucks. Platinum Super Duties added Onyx Argento wood. Interiors of 2020 Limited trim trucks received an overhaul. Ebony and Highland Tan colors grace their new interiors. Genuine leather, ash wood, and brushed aluminum adorn the trim. The leather-wrapped instrument panel topper, door armrests, seating, and console lids all received decorative stitching. Floor mats now feature an embroidered Super Duty logo. Miko suede is even used as a headliner for Limited trucks too.

Exterior Updates

Ford’s 2020 Super Duty didn’t receive a full body-style redesign like GM or Ram. Instead, they opted to make subtle changes to optimize performance. A new front-end improves cooling and lighting performance. A new high-airflow grille on all Dually trucks increases powertrain cooling capacity. This is accompanied with a new bumper and air dam for further improvements in air induction and cooling capacity. New LED headlights give the 2020 Super Duty a new look too. Higher trims feature headlights that maintain continuous accent lighting. New tail lights, rear bumpers, and tailgates bring style to the rear end of the new Super Duty trucks too.


Every diesel truck manufacturer has added significant trailering technology to their 2020 model trucks so far. Therefore, Ford had to make some pretty big strides in towing technology too. As a result, they will be introducing a new Pro Trailer Backup Assist to their 2020 Super Duty. Drivers will be able to use the Pro Trailer Backup Assist knob to steer the truck using the rear camera. With this feature, Ford hopes to make it much easier to navigate tight spaces. This is made possible by the trucks’ Trailer Reverse Guidance System that shows trailer angle and direction. Then, it provides steering advice to easily back-up your trailer. In addition, the Pro Trailer Assist feature can be used in conjunction with all trailers, even fifth-wheel or gooseneck trailers.

Ford is adding FordPass Connect on every new 2020 Super Duty too. As a result, Super Duty owners will have connectivity no matter where they are, with Wi-Fi access for up to ten devices. New Safety features are also standard on XLT and higher trims, including lane-keeping alerts, Pre-Collision Assist, and a blind spot monitoring system with trailer coverage will be available. Wireless charging and USB-C ports will also be added to Super Duty trucks.

Don’t Miss Out on more 2020 Super Duty News

Because Ford’s first release was vague in certain areas, we are positive more Ford Super Duty news is coming! Because we get new Super Duty information periodically, you need to stay tuned for the latest news! All of the photos used in this article were provided courtesy of Ford’s Media group. Let us know what you think about these new Super Duty trucks!

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