2017-2019 Edge Pulsar L5P Duramax Tuner Review

The L5P Duramax Diesel engine found in 2017 and newer Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD/3500HD trucks and GMC Sierra 2500HD/3500HD is very impressive on its own. At 445 horsepower and 910 lb-ft of torque from the factory, it comes stock about as powerful as a tuned LML Duramax, the previous Dmax generation. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have room for improvement though. Tuners are one of the best L5P Duramax upgrades offering significant performance increases for minimal cost. The Edge Pulsar is one of these L5P Duramax tuners, and one you should definitely consider for your truck. It’s arguably the best L5P Duramax tuner when it comes to value proposition, offering a ton of “bang for the buck”. Find out how in this post, our Edge Pulsar Tuner Review.

Edge Pulsar L5P Duramax Tuner Review
Edge Pulsar L5P Duramax Tuner

We’ll Get to our Edge Pulsar Review, But First…

Before we get into our  Edge Pulsar L5P Duramax tuner Review, we want to let you know a couple of things first. The Edge Pulsar tuner review is based on my experiences with this tuner installed on my own 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD L5P Duramax. Most of our testing experience has been in Florida, which is mostly flat land. We did have a brief trip in the Smoky Mountains however, where we got to test the Edge Pulsar at higher elevations. 

There are a lot of factors that go into diesel performance. The environment you live in and other external factors can impact your gains. With that being said, we’re confident the Edge Pulsar offers a ton of value for anyone, no matter what climate or conditions you live in. Now, let’s get into our Edge Pulsar Tuner review and feature breakdown.

Edge Pulsar L5P Duramax Tuner Feature Review

Easy To Install

L5P Duramax tuners and programmers are different than most tuning we’ve seen thus far. This is because GM utilizes ECMs that no one has been able to crack. The result is there are really no truly plug-and-play tuners that simply plug into the OBD2 port anymore. Several companies have found a couple of different ways of navigating this ECM allowing you to tune your vehicle with a little extra work. 

The Edge Pulsar is probably the easiest L5P Duramax tuner to install. You just need to disconnect the factory ECM, attach the Pulsar Device into it, and then insert it back into the vehicle. The toughest part about the whole thing is just getting the ECM in and out of the vehicle.

Switch-On-The-Fly Tuning with 5 Power Levels

The primary reason for interest in the Edge Pulsar Tuner for L5P Duramax trucks is for its tuning capabilities. The Pulsar comes preloaded with 5 different power levels. These power levels offer varying performance improvements. The highest performance is achieved in power level 5 which offers up to 90 more horsepower and 156 lb-ft more torque. Here is a chart showing all the different Power Levels and their respective performance characteristics.

Power LevelHorsepower GainTorque Gain
119 horsepower46 lb-ft of Torque
237 horsepower71 lb-ft of Torque
352 horsepower105 lb-ft of Torque
467 horsepower125 lb-ft of Torque
590 horsepower156 lb-ft of Torque
L5P Duramax Power Gains – Taken From Edge Products Website

These 5 power levels listed above are switch-on-the-fly capable, meaning you can easily switch to a different power level without re-flashing the vehicle. Its in-line tuner design connects directly to the vehicles ECM to offer instant tuning and other benefits as well. This design allows you to change power levels by pressing the +/- cruise control buttons on the steering wheel. You don’t have to install a switch or anything, making it almost impossible to tell your vehicle has tuning without looking closely under the hood.

Edge Pulsar Tuner Dyno Result Found from the Edge Products team. Photo taken from www.Edgeproducts.com

If you purchase the Edge Pulsar Kit, this is what I run on my truck, you also get the Edge CTS3 Insight Monitor. When your vehicle has a Pulsar tuner installed and you connect an Edge CTS3 insight, it will allow you to adjust power levels through the monitor instead.

Smart, Safe Tuning

Unlike other tuners that give you more power but lesser reliability, the Edge Pulsar is a “smart” tuner that monitors EGTs and the transmission for slippage. If EGTs get too high, power will decrease to protect the engine. If the transmission slips, power will also decrease to protect the transmission. This makes the Edge Pulsar significantly safer to use than alternative tuning methods that don’t offer these fail safes.

Other Standalone Edge Pulsar Features

The Edge Pulsar doesn’t just let you add tuning to your L5P Duramax, but it can also let you adjust ton of settings you would normally have no control over! You can adjust the TPMS (tire pressure monitor sensors), adjust the speed limiter, re-calibrate the truck when you add larger tires, adjust the gear ratio, clear DTC codes, and more!

Here are some more Edge Pulsar Features:

  • start a manual regeneration
  • Start a transmission re-learn
  • built-in throttle sensitivity control for improved throttle response
  • High-Idle user settings to control rpms

When the Edge Pulsar is paired with the Edge Insight CTS3 you also unlock a treasure trove of new features. Check out all these features in our Edge Insight CTS3 Monitor Review.

Edge Insight CTS3 Monitor
Edge CTS3 Insight Performance Monitor mounted on the windshield of my truck. Notice how on the left side you can change your Edge Pulsar tuning levels by simply pressing the up or down buttons on the screen.

Initial Thoughts:

Why I Chose the Edge Pulsar for my L5P

Photograph of my 2019 L5P Duramax, the test vehicle.

One of the primary reasons I chose the Pulsar tuner to review for my Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD is because I didn’t want to spend $3,500-$4500 swapping out the ECM and I wanted a tuner that is CARB Certified. The Edge Pulsar L5P Duramax meets both of these criteria, and to prove it, it has a CARB Certification Number of D-802-9. This means it’s a legal diesel performance modification for your truck that you don’t need to hide. It leaves all emissions systems in-tact and it can be used without deleting emissions components.

I also wanted something that is easy to use, user-friendly, and easy to install. I’ve gotten tuning before that required a 15-20 minute re-flash every time I wanted to change a power level. I’ve also had to trouble installing tunes because it required uploading tunes onto the device myself, and using a specific computer. Pretty much every tuning software isn’t compatible with Apple computers so I literally had to buy another computer just to use download tunes to my device and then install them on my truck.

After doing my research I decided the Pulsar met both of these criteria. It’s affordable and after reading the installation instructions I felt very comfortable with this device. I also LOVE Edge products and have used their CTS Monitors in almost every truck I’ve owned. The fact that I could pair my CTS3 Insight with my Pulsar was another serious plus.

After getting a free Pulsar tuner for my L5P Duramax from Edge to try out, here are my thoughts. I’ve had this tuner on my truck for almost 10,000 miles now, so I’ve had a pretty good trial period to develop my review. Let’s dive in.

Value & Price

At about $800, the Edge Pulsar sits similarly priced to other L5P Duramax tuners that don’t require you to exchange your ECM. Where the Pulsar differentiates itself however is its other capabilities. If you take a look at the features the Pulsar has, it offers many capabilities that you would need to purchase a monitor for. Things like DTC clearing, adjusting TPMS sensors, or calibrating the speedometer are valuable tools for any diesel owner.

If you want additional value and more “bang for the buck”, you should seriously consider purchasing the Edge Pulsar Kit instead of the Pulsar by itself. The Pulsar Kit includes an Edge CTS3 Insight monitor and the Pulsar for a better price than what you can buy them for individually.

Design & User Experience

One of the best characteristics of the Edge Pulsar tuner is its design. It doesn’t require re-routing wires and the install is simple. It’s an in-line computer that offers immediate power and comes with safeguards to protect your truck like EGT backdown and transmission slip power back downs. You don’t have to install a switch to change power levels, instead you simply use the +/- cruise control buttons on your steering wheel. It is also built to connect with other Edge devices like the CTS3 Insight, offering greater capabilities.

Now, I was worried as the Pulsar unit sits in the engine bay right next to the engine. It’s exposed to extreme heat when the vehicle is operating and extreme cold when your vehicle is parked outside during winter months. After driving my truck over 8,000 miles with my Pulsar I haven’t had a single glitch or issue. When I was in the mountains in January and faced extremely cold temperatures, my Pulsar worked perfectly. Even on long drives in Florida, 90+ degrees Fahrenheit, I didn’t experience any issues either.


I’ve always been an advocate for custom tuning, but when it comes with a $3000+ price tag for the L5P Duramax, I wanted a more affordable option with still-respectable performance gains. The Edge Pulsar really impressed me right out of the box. It has 5 power levels that pretty much cover the spectrum, offering a tune level for every individual. While running through these different tune levels I also closely monitored my CTS3 Insight Monitor to see the tunes’ impact on my L5P.

I wanted to see if my number of Regenerations would increase and also how the tunes impacted various fluid temperatures and EGTS. After thousands of miles, I really didn’t notice an increase in the occurrence of regenerations taking place. When I drove to Tennessee with the tuner installed I only had one Regen occur on my way up.

EGTS slightly increase when using higher level tunes, but even so they don’t reach levels in which you should be worried about unless you are sustaining full throttle. If you are towing heavy or you encounter difficult terrain or other external conditions, you should choose a lower setting.

My average fuel economy improved slightly, but not as much as I’ve experienced in the past on deleted vehicles. At best, I experienced about a one MPG increase. Some of this could be attributed to my chronic smashing of the accelerator pedal because the higher tunes just make driving the truck so much more fun.


The quality of this unit is apparent immediately. The design was very well thought out and the unit itself fits seamlessly onto the OEM ECM. It has also exceeded my expectations in terms of durability. If you think about it, the Pulsar is right next to an extremely hot V-8 Diesel engine in a crammed engine bay. If it wasn’t up to the task, you’d find out very quickly.

Final Thoughts

The Good

I found significantly more good than bad during my Edge Pulsar L5P Duramax tuner review. Tuners can sometimes be tricky or you can definitely tell there is a lack in user friendliness or even just usability. The Pulsar is easily one of the most impressive tuners available, straight out of the box. It’s easy to install, even by a diesel novice, and it doesn’t require any complicated set-up on the computer. It works seamlessly and provides instant power with varying levels. I Love the safety features that were incorporated to make this tuner as safe as it is powerful. If you are looking for a tuner that will make your L5P Duramax more fun to drive and more capable, the Edge Pulsar is it.

The Bad

The only really negative comments I have about the Pulsar is that the fuel economy gains weren’t as big as I was hoping for. I do have bigger AT tires than the factory ones however, 34×11.50R20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers, that could contribute to the lower fuel economy. The other thing I disliked about the Edge Pulsar is that it doesn’t come with a monitor. Many of the features are going to require you reading from the product manual for instructions on how to complete them. If you get a CTS3 Insight however this becomes a non-issue. The Edge Pulsar is also not available for 2020 or 2021 L5P Duramax trucks yet.

Is the Edge Pulsar Tuner Right For You?

If you are daily driving your vehicle or using it for work this is a great tuning device for you and your vehicle. It provides a number of different power levels without sacrificing fuel efficiency or reliability. It’s also extremely user friendly and easy to install, making it a great choice for novice mechanics or people who just want a quick, solid tuning solution without the headaches.

Edge Pulsar 2017-2019 L5P Duramax Tuner

Not A Emissions Deleting Tuner for the L5P Duramax

If your vehicle isn’t street-driven, this tuner might not be the best option for you. It doesn’t have emissions deleting capabilities, so if your truck is going to be a competition truck or used for things like sled pulling, this is not the tuner for you. Instead you will need to pay the higher price of swapping the ECM and using custom tuning through the HP tuning software. Just remember, deleting your truck’s emissions is 100% federally illegal on registered and highway driven vehicles. If your truck isn’t used in competitions, emissions-compliant tuning is the way to go,

How to Install the Edge Pulsar L5P Duramax Tuner

Disconnecting the ECM is easy, you start by disconnecting the battery. Then, you need to let the vehicle sit for 5-10 minutes! Than there are a couple of bolts you take out, and three connectors that need to be disconnected. After that, the Pulsar is pretty much ready to come out. Just be careful as it is a pretty tight fit! We had the best luck removing it with two people. One person maneuvers the ECM out, while the other pushes/pulls hoses and other vehicle components out of the way.

Once the ECM is removed, you plug the Pulsar device into it. It’s easy to tell how it connects if you simply look at the two devices. You just align the plug locations and then push the Pulsar onto the ECM firmly. You need to make sure you plug the Pulsar in from directly over top of it, and you push straight down. There are hundreds of tiny pins you can damage so you want to make sure to approach the ECM from straight on.

After it’s plugged in, there are two brackets that Mount into the new, larger ECM unit. These brackets are what you use to secure the unit when it plugs back in to the vehicle. Once these brackets have been installed, you re-install the ECM into the vehicle. Make sure you re-connect the connectors and secure them with the factory clips. Re-connect the batteries and insert the mounting bolts to secure the ECM.

L5P Duramax Edge Pulsar FAQ

How much horsepower and torque can be gained from the Edge Pulsar?

The Edge Pulsar tuner has 5 different power levels offering a best performance increase of 90 horsepower and 156 lb-ft of torque.

How much does the Edge Pulsar Cost?

The Edge Pulsar retails for an average price of $800.

What is the Edge Pulsar?

The Edge Pulsar is a tuner for 2017-2019 Chevrolet and GMC Heavy Duty trucks with the 6.6L L5P Duramax Diesel engine. Different Edge Pulsar Variants are also available for other trucks.

What is a tuner?

A tuner is a device that improves performance on your vehicle by changing the engine’s factory settings. Manufacturers often limit power to improve reliability. Many vehicle owners choose to tune their vehicles to improve horsepower, torque, throttle response, and fuel economy. Diesel tuners are one of the best performance modifications for any diesel truck.

Will the Edge Pulsar work on my Duramax?

If you have a 2017-2019 GM HD truck with the L5P Duramax Diesel engine the Edge Pulsar will work with your truck.

How do you change power levels on the Edge Pulsar Tuner?

You can change power levels on your Edge Pulsar by pressing the +/- buttons on your steering wheel that are used for controlling cruise control when cruise control is not activated. Your vehicle’s speedometer will change showing you which power level is selected when you change power levels.

Edge Insight CTS2 Review

What is the Edge Insight CTS2?

The Edge Insight CTS2 is a diesel performance monitor. Performance Monitors are a must-have upgrade for any diesel truck owner. They give you real-time insight and performance monitoring so you know exactly how your truck is running at any given time. They also give you tremendously helpful tools like trouble code reading and clearing, and performance testing. They’re extremely easy to install compared to traditional gauges, and they are highly customizable, allowing you to set up a number of different gauge layouts. While there are a couple of name brand performance monitors, the Edge Insight CTS2 is one of the most popular choices.

Edge CTS2 Insight Monitor
Edge Insight CTS2 Monitor

What Does the Edge Insight CTS2 Do?

If you use your truck for heavy hauling or if you’re a modified performance junkie, the Edge Insight CTS2 is one of the first performance upgrades you should consider. It utilizes the OBD2 Port to display detailed vehicle parameters like exhaust gas temperatures (EGTS), transmission temperatures, and DPF status. Unlike traditional gauges, the Insight CTS2 is a monitoring device that can be configured to your liking. You can adjust the layout, pick which specific parameters you want to display, and even set-up alarms to warn you if something is out of whack. Even a stock truck used for commuting can benefit from the addition of an Insight CTS2. It has a fuel economy coaching tool that can help you increase mpgs. There is even a maintenance tool that reminds you when it’s time for an oil change or other maintenance tasks.

Key Feature Breakdown

Diagnostic Tool

When your truck has a problem, you often find a warning light illuminated on the instrument cluster. While it alerts you to the problem, it doesn’t help you identify what the issue is. The CTS2 gives you the ability to read trouble codes, allowing you to identify the problem. Diagnosis becomes much easier, and sometimes fixing the problem can be as simple as clearing the code. Modern diesel trucks are very complex and there are a lot of sensors that can go bad. Sometimes a truck can even go into limp mode when there is an issue. By clearing the code, you may be able to limp your truck home, saving you from paying an expensive tow.

Gauge Display & Performance Monitoring

In the past, gauges had to be installed if you wanted to view performance parameters that weren’t available in your instrument cluster. Today, monitors like the Edge Insight CTS2 offer digital gauge displays that adjust to your preferences. Installation is way easier than traditional gauges, and digital monitors also offer insights that traditional gauges can’t display. After you’ve set up your display to your liking, it’s also very easy to change layouts and parameters quickly if you want to take a look at something else.

One feature that makes the Insight CTS2 unique is it offers you the ability to set-up audible and visual alerts. This way, even if you’re not paying attention, you’ll know when a temperature gets too high or if another problem occurs.

Edge CTS2 Gauge Layout Options
Different CTS2 Gauge Layouts

Other Noteworthy Features

Maintenance Manager

The CTS2’s maintenance manager is one of my favorite features. You can input a variety of maintenance tasks and set up mileage alerts that notify you when it’s time for service. This is a great tool if you service your vehicle yourself, because you won’t forget when it’s time to change your oil or fuel filter.

Fuel Mileage Coach

Another cool feature is the Fuel mileage coach. You can set up different parameters for fuel economy on your main gauge layout. Then, the Edge CTS2 will keep track of your average fuel economy and give you tools to keep track of your true fuel mileage. You can even input the cost of diesel or gasoline in your area, and it will calculate your average cost per mile.

Diesel Resource Review of the Edge CTS2 Insight Monitor

Now that you know the impressive features of the Edge Insight CTS2, I want to tell you about my experience using it with my L5P Duramax. I’ve used this monitoring device on my other trucks and I loved it. Let me tell you what makes this performance monitor so special and i’ll elaborate on the few things I think it lacks.

Value & Price

The Edge Insight CTS2 costs an average of $430. While it’s slightly higher than some of the other performance monitors on the market, like the Bully Dog BDX I’ve previously reviewed, it’s worth the higher price. There is more value when you purchase the Insight CTS2 as you get a complete kit. It includes a mounting solution which many of the other competitors do not. No stock tunes are included though, if you want some basic box tunes you’re better off going with the Edge Evolution CTS2, which still offers the same data monitoring capabilities with the added benefit of box tunes. Recently, Edge released their Insight CTS2 Pro which is the Insight CTS2 with custom tuning capabilities through HP tuning software.


The CTS2 monitor is one of the premium monitors on the market. The design has much to do with it. The kit is designed to be a complete and simple installation, utilizing the OBD2 port and a suction cup mount. The cable that connects the CTS2 to the OBD2 port is small and doesn’t feature any extra boxes or connections that make hiding the cable difficult. Everyone wants a clean install, and that’s exactly what you get with this monitor. Edge also makes dash, pillar, and center console mounts that can make the installation look even better.

Edge CTS2 Insight Suction Cup Mount
Edge Insight CTS2 installation in my L5P Duramax Using the supplied Suction Mount
Center Console Mount for Edge CTS2 Insight on 2015-2019 Duramax trucks
2015-2019 GMC/Chevy Center Console Mount to be used with the
Edge Insight CTS2.

Another important design feature I really like is that the suction-cup mount doesn’t use a magnet to hold the monitor. I can’t tell you how many times when I’ve used competitor’s products, the monitor falls off the mount when I make a turn. I haven’t had that problem a single time since I’ve installed this product on my L5P Duramax.

The overall design of this monitoring device is exceptional. The monitor itself is sleek, featuring a touch screen to change screen. Everything is very customizable to personal preferences. You can change displays, layouts, and even upload a custom picture to display in the background. Another exciting design feature is that this product has a bunch of accessories that can be used in conjunction with it. These include things like pyrometers, switches, and additional sensors.

Updates are done over the internet by plugging in the device to a computer. That brings me to my only complaint about the design, being the lack of easy updating via the cloud and wifi. I think that one addition could take the product to another level and make it much more convenient to update the device.


There are a lot of tools and features that make this performance monitor a good investment. The primary reason we all get this product is because we want to monitor critical parameters, but this unit offers much more than just a digital gauge display. The diagnostic feature is extremely useful. While my L5P Duramax is too new to have problems, i’ve used the CTS2 on some of my work trucks in my family’s air conditioning company to identify problems. Even on a new diesel though, this product can be very useful. You can force a manual regeneration event to clean the diesel particulate filter found on newer diesel trucks. You can also performance test your truck to find out quarter mile and 0-60 mph times.

In the era of immediate gratification, we expect things to work immediately or very fast. I’ve seen in some reviews of the CTS2 that people complain about the loading screen time when turning on the unit. While it doesn’t boot immediately, by the time i’ve put on my seat belt, plugged my phone, and i’m ready the drive, the unit is one my gauges. I think the gauge display loads very fast compared to other units i’ve owned.


While it may not load as fast as we’d like it to, the one issue i’ve never had is that it doesn’t turn on. Other performance monitors i’ve used don’t turn on when I turn my truck on. I have to unplug the unit from the OBD2 port and then plug it back in for it to turn on. The Insight CTS2 is consistent. It’s always worked. I had a CTS2 unit sitting in one of my drawers for two years. When I graduated college, I re-installed it, and it worked perfectly still! That speaks a lot about the quality of this product.

Another impressive factor is that I keep my CTS2 hooked up on my windshield everyday. I live in Florida, where it’s consistently scorching hot. My unit has survived this extreme heat and sun exposure without any issues.

Overall Thoughts

The Good

If you’re looking for strictly a performance monitor, the Edge Insight CTS2 is one of the best options available. It gives you a lot of features that are very useful, and once you have them, it’ll be hard to survive without them. This product offers one of the most customizable and comprehensive gauge layouts. It’s reliable, and it comes with everything you need to install it and put it to work immediately.

The Bad

The major downside to the CTS2 versus other products like the Bully Dog BDX is that it doesn’t offer box tunes or custom tuning. If you want to tune your truck, you have to use the Edge Evolution for box tunes or the Edge Insight CTS2 Pro for custom tuning with HP tuning. It also has to be updated by plugging into a computer directly which is a little outdated compared to some other options that update automatically via the cloud.

Buy the Edge Insight CTS2 on Amazon

Buy this product by clicking on the picture below! If you’d like more information, check out the Edge Products Website.

Buy it HERE.

Edge Insight CTS2 Accessories

Product DescriptionLink to Buy
SOTF (Shift-On-The-Fly) Accessory
11-14′ 6.7L Powerstroke
15′-19′ 6.7L Powerstroke
10-18′ 6.7L Cummins
01′-04′ LB7 Duramax
04.5′-10′ LLY, LBZ, LMM Duramax
11-16′ LML Duramax
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Dee Zee Tailgate Assist Product Review

GM did something fantastic when they implemented their EZ lifting and lower tailgates. Duramax owners no longer have to deal with slamming tailgates, and they can easily lift their tailgate back up. You don’t realize how nice of a feature it is until you have it. About two months ago, I traded in my L5P for a Cummins. I love my Cummins, but I quickly realized I had reverted back to a primitive tailgate. Fortunately for me, RealTruck just hooked me up with a Dee Zee Tailgate Assist. The Dee Zee tailgate assist was designed to give you similar results as GM’s EZ lift and lower tailgates, without breaking the bank. Here are my thoughts after installing  Dee Zee’s Tailgate assist and having it on my truck for a couple of days. 

Dee Zee Tailgate Assist package /w Components
Your Tailgate Before A Dee Zee TailGate Assist
Your TailGate After The Dee Zee Tailgate Assist

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