GatorTrax Tonneau Cover Product Review

My Experience with the GatorTrax Tonneau Cover

Tonneau covers come in all different styles. There are roll-up tonneau covers, tri-fold tonneau covers, retracting tonneau covers, bed toppers, and even single-piece carbon fiber tonneau covers. Which tonneau cover is best though? The simple answer is the one that makes the most sense for you. For my 2018 Ram 2500, the Gatortrax tonneau cover from RealTruck looked like it checked all the boxes.

I wanted a retractable tonneau cover that locked, and provided a very good seal so my cargo would stay dry. Retractable covers are also much easier to open or close. They still let you use almost your entire bed should you need to store something large and tall. Retractable Covers come in two variations, electronically controlled retracting covers and manually operated covers. I’m a fan of simplicity and function. The manually operated retracting tonneau cover seemed like a no-brainer to me.

Installing the GatorTrax Bed Cover

Installing the GatorTrax tonneau cover was a breeze. The whole process only took about half an hour. It’s important to know ahead of time that the installation is a two person job. Once you attach the rails to the case that holds the cover with a couple of bolts, and assemble everything according to the install instructions, you simply lift the assembled cover into the bed. It’s really important to make sure you get the gasket that sits cabin-side to sit flush for a waterproof seal!

Install Picture of Side-Rails for Gatortrax Cover
GatorTrax Tonneau Cover can be used with the undercover swing case toolboxes.

Be sure to use the drain lines found on the bottom of the GatorTrax tonneau cover. Drain lines mount to the bottom of the casing and then exit the truck through bed drain holes. My truck had two plastic caps covering outlets for draining water. You want to stick the drain lines into these holes and mess with the hoses to make sure they drain properly! I think the fact that they incorporated these drains is brilliant. When it rains or when you pull the cover into the casing, the water enters. These drain lines keep water from accumulating and help ensure extended product life.

Drain Tubes found on the bottom of GatorTrax Cover
Drain Tubes are found at the bottom of the case.

The Review:

After driving my 2018 Ram 2500 over 2,000 miles on the trip to The Ultimate Callout Challenge 2019, Im ready to report everything I like and dislike about the GatorTrax tonneau cover. I really had the opportunity to gauge just how good this tonneau cover is at keeping cargo dry as it rained the entire weekend in Indianapolis for the event. Here is my full GatorTrax Tonneau Cover review.

Undercover Swing Case Toolbox Review

My Experience with the Undercover Swing Case

Every daily driven truck should have a tool box. They provide additional dry, storage space in your bed and help keep tools organized. Unfortunately, they usually reduce storage space in your bed and most of them don’t work with a tonneau cover. Another issue is that you have to climb into the bed of your truck to access them. I don’t know about you, but I hate being at a job site and climbing in my truck every time I need a part or a tool. It’s a waste of time and productivity! Recently, I stumbled upon a product I thought would be the perfect solution, the Undercover Swing Case toolbox.

RealTruck is one of my go-to retailers, so I called in and ordered one for the passenger side and one for the driver’s side. I also purchased the GatorTrax tonneau cover. I wanted to see if these toolboxes would work with the bed cover! After installing both products, here is my full review of the Undercover Swing Case Toolbox!

EGR Painted Fender Flares Review

Are you running wide tires or wheels with negative offset? Your tires throw dirt and mud down the sides of your truck that can cause paint chips or other damage. No need to worry! There is an easy solution! One of the best ways to preserve the sides of your truck is with the use of fender flares. Most fender flares are bolt-on and they come in a variety of styles and finishes! I’ve always been a fan of the “bolt-on” look flares as I really think they can make a truck look tough. Painted-to-match fender flares also look much better! I only found two companies that manufacture painted-to-match Fender Flares. I own an EGR Bug Guard, so I decided to purchase the EGR Painted Fender Flares from After installing them and driving with them for 2,000 miles, I wanted to give you guys my thoughts and observations.

N-Fab Growler Step System Review

Running Boards Built For Work

Running boards serve an important purpose. They make getting in and out of the cab easier, while simultaneously adding some extra protection to the side of your truck. Most trucks come from the factory with running boards, but they’re often of a lesser quality, unaesthetic, and offer less than satisfactory performance and durability. Many truck owners turn to aftermarket steps. There are literally hundreds of options out there for every make and model truck. About a month ago, we received a free set of N-Fab’s Growler Step System from to try out on our 2018 Ram 2500 Megacab. After installing the running boards and using them on my truck for a couple weeks, I wanted to give you guys my honest opinion about these new steps. Here’s what I thought!

Dee Zee Tailgate Assist Product Review

GM did something fantastic when they implemented their EZ lifting and lower tailgates. Duramax owners no longer have to deal with slamming tailgates, and they can easily lift their tailgate back up. You don’t realize how nice of a feature it is until you have it. About two months ago, I traded in my L5P for a Cummins. I love my Cummins, but I quickly realized I had reverted back to a primitive tailgate. Fortunately for me, RealTruck just hooked me up with a Dee Zee Tailgate Assist. The Dee Zee tailgate assist was designed to give you similar results as GM’s EZ lift and lower tailgates, without breaking the bank. Here are my thoughts after installing  Dee Zee’s Tailgate assist and having it on my truck for a couple of days. 

Dee Zee Tailgate Assist package /w Components
Your Tailgate Before A Dee Zee TailGate Assist
Your TailGate After The Dee Zee Tailgate Assist

Review of the American Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

The Story Behind the Purchase

It was another Saturday night after having fished the ponds around the Fishhawk neighborhoods in Tampa with my buddies. We had six rods and four tackle boxes crammed inside the truck because of the rain, and we had about an hour drive left home. Needless to say there was a lot of bitchin’ and moaning about space. I decided to purchase a cover for the bed of my 2017 Duramax. After browsing the internet for a couple of hours and reading tons of reviews I decided on the American Tri-fold tonneau cover for my truck. It has hundreds of five star reviews on and is only a measly $279.00 which is easily on the lower side of the spectrum when it comes to price on tonneau covers. Many of the high quality covers can get up to $2000.  Find out our thoughts about this budget tonneau cover below!