Picking the Right Ball Mount for Your Truck

So you bought a truck. Now it’s time to put all that torque to use pulling your boat to the lake. Before you can get out there though, you need a ball mount! With hundreds of different options out there ranging from cheap to really expensive it can be hard to make a decision. Where do you start? What are some important qualities to look for in a ball mount? How much should you spend? Let us, at Diesel Resource,  help you out!

Start with Size

Size is important when it comes to your ball mount. You need to select the right receiver size otherwise you will need an adapter. Receiver size depends on the class of hitch your truck is equipped with. There are five classes that are based off of weight. It varies, but most full size trucks will have a class IV or V receiver. It’s best to check your truck’s specifications to see what you can safely tow and then buy the hitch accordingly. It is so important to know what your trailer weighs and always make sure your hitch and ball mount are up to the task!

Is your truck lifted, or do you plan on modifying the tires or suspension in the future? You might need an adjustable ball mount! You want your trailer running parallel to the ground when connected to the truck to maximize stability and control. If your truck sits too high or too low it could be an issue! With adjustable ball mounts, you can adjust the height of the ball mount up or down to make sure you’re hooking up the trailer to the correct height. For extreme differences of height, you may need to add a stabilizer kit to maintain full tow capacity. For regular circumstances, it’s not required. We actually always purchase adjustable hitches for our personal trucks, even if it’s just for small adjustments.

Important Features in a Ball Mount

There are some basic features we think you should consider when purchasing your ball mount. Here is our list:

  • Adjustability: If you have a lifted truck, you need a ball mount with this feature.
  • Ball Size: Make sure the ball mount you purchase has the proper ball mount for the trailer you pull.
  • Invest in a Dual Ball or Tri-Ball: If you’re going to be pulling different types of trailers, you should invest in a multi-ball hitch. This makes changing ball sizes really easy and less time consuming.
  • Finish: I spend a great deal of time polishing up my truck, and it’s important to me that my hitch looks up to par! If you’re not going to be towing super heavy, an aluminum hitch may make sense! It will keep your hitch from becoming corroded and look good when towing!

How Much Should I Pay for a Ball Mount?

There are so many ball mounts out there that you can purchase, but it really comes down to how often you’re going to use it, and how heavy you are going to tow. If you’re going to tow infrequently, a cheaper option probably makes the most sense. You should also consider the features that are important to you. If you drive a stock truck, you don’t need to invest in a 12” Drop hitch. Be honest with yourself about what features you need, and base your decision on that. A standard ball mount of good quality shouldn’t cost more than $200, with many being way less than that. Even adjustable ball mounts will be around that figure.

If you’re going to tow frequently and with heavy loads, I recommend you invest in a better ball mount. There are some really high quality products that can have a big impact for someone who tows frequently. They may be more expensive up front, but it will be worth it. Read the next section for some luxury features for those of you who tow frequently.

Ball Mounts for Frequent Towers:

If you are someone that uses your truck to pull a trailer a lot you should consider investing in a better hitch that has some premium features. Here are some features we recommend:

  • Tongue Weight Scale: If you’re no stranger to towing, you know how important tongue weight is. It used to be a pain in the @$$ to calculate, but thanks to some innovative minds in the industry, there are now ball mounts with built-in tongue weight scales! Protect yourself from trailer sway by staying in that 10-15% sweet spot.
  • Torsion System: Your truck and trailer can take a beating going over rough roads, potholes, and bumps. With a standard hard-connection hitch, 100% of that inertia is transferred between the truck and the trailer when you hit a bump. With torsion hitches, however, only 10% of that inertia is transferred. This results in a much more comfortable and stable ride. It also saves your truck and trailer from metal fatigue as a result!

We recently reached out to one of the most innovative companies in the space, Gen-Y! They manufacture hitches, ball mounts, and more to help create a truly different towing experience. When it comes to features, our 16k Adjustable Torsion Hitch is packed with them. We use it on our L5P Duramax. It has both a mechanical tongue weight scale and a patented torsion system to make towing easier than it has ever been before. Check out our review of Gen-Y’s torsion hitch to find out more by clicking here.



Gen-Y Adjustable Torsion Ball Mount Hitch
The Gen-Y 16K Torsion Drop Hitch I Use on my Truck

Gen-Y 16K Torsion Drop Hitch Product Review

Do you actually use your truck? Whether you have expensive toys you haul to the Mud bog for the weekend or heavy trailers you have to pull for work, Gen-Y has the hitch for you. They are the “Towing Gurus” and have a huge variety of products available on their website that will save you wear and tear on your vehicle and trailer, while also making towing around that huge load a breeze. Not only are they reliable and essentially bulletproof products, but they’re assembled and manufactured in the USA! I’m a huge supporter of American made products so naturally this was a huge selling point to me. They have tons of convenient accessories that you can use with their hitches like hitch steps, hitch tighteners, and pintle hooks and were also recently awarded with the #1 Best Loading Ramps in the Country for their Gen-Y Ramps!

We recently contacted Gen-Y about their patented Torsion Drop Hitch for our own L5P Duramax and were BLOWN away by the results. These guys are doing it right! Even the package they shipped the product in was bulletproof. It consisted of two separate boxes, one inside the other, filled with styrofoam blocks to keep the product safe! I manage an AC company and frequently witness expensive, damaged equipment from manufacturers. It’s very nice to see a manufacturer that cares about their product and their customers enough to package their products the RIGHT WAY. There wasn’t a single scratch or defect with the product, leaving us at Diesel Resource thrilled!

I don’t think i’ve ever been so excited about a hitch in my entire life. I watched a Semi back into our loading area at the shop and load this package on a hand truck! A hand truck! The package was 100 lbs! After ripping open the packaging like a little kid at Christmas time, there it was, a massive powder coated rubber torsion drop hitch rated at 16,000 lbs. The finish is really fantastic. It’s not painted like many of the cheaper hitches out there, and will help keep the hitch pretty for a long time to come. All the hardware and components of the hitch are extremely heavy duty, allowing you to worry about the job at hand, and not if your hitch, truck, or trailer is up to the task. One really neat feature this hitch is equipped with is a mechanical tongue weight scale. This will help you prevent any dangerous trailer sway that could occur when pulling your trailer. It also has adjustable Anti-Rattle screws that help keep your hitch snug inside of the receiver tube it’s in. The Ball Mount can be adjusted up or down to accommodate any truck as long as you purchase the proper drop size. They have options available up to 21″ of drop, so even your mud truck could have a fully functioning hitch if you wanted it to.

I never thought a hitch could genuinely make a truck look better, but this hitch is an absolute beast. It’s quite heavy, so it’s probably best to ask for a buddies help to install it. I’m a big guy so I got it on by myself, but boy what a difference compared to my old hitch. I was rear-ended in my Megacab not too long ago. There was no damage because of the hitch, but I can’t even imagine what that lady’s mini van would’ve looked like after running into this brick wall that Gen-Y created.

Here’s some ways you’re missing out by NOT having a Gen-Y Rubber Torsion Bar Drop Hitch:

  • The tow vehicle and trailer track independently giving you greater control and added safety by reducing sway and trailer bounce.
  • Greatly increase braking control since all the weight on the tow vehicle and trailer is distributed evenly.
  • With Rubber Torsion Hitches only 10% of the trailer inertia transfers compared to 100% using a hard connection hitch giving you the ultimate control.
  • Bumps, potholes, expansion joints, curves, hills, and other drivers can be a hazard, keeps you under control when confronted with these conditions.
  • Save Gas & Your Tires: The 90% smoother ride allows you to glide instead of bounce increasing gas mileage.
  • Reduces trailer and content fatigue. Metal fatigue caused by traditional towing results in your trailer and its contents taking a beating. Products increase life and help hold value!

Drive a show truck that doesn’t get used very often? This is, in our opinion, the ONLY hitch that will make a big statement on your show truck. Nothing says “I’m A Bad@$$” like a 100lb powder coated Gen-Y Drop hitch on the back of your truck.

Gen-Y Torsion Drop Hitch on L5P Duramax
Our L5P Duramax Doing WORK
Gen-Y Torsion Drop Hitch
L5P Duramax with Gen-Y Hitch
Gen-Y Torsion Drop Hitch
Side view of our New Gen-Y Torsion Drop Hitch on our L5P Duramax