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Daytona Truck Meet 2019


What is the Daytona Truck Meet?

Get ready for the LARGEST truck show in the world! Join over 25,000 spectators, 100s of vendors, burn out pit, live entertainment and 1,000s of custom pick up trucks from around country for a weekend of fun in beautiful Daytona Beach for Daytona Truck Meet 2019! Get up close and personal with the biggest truck builds around. Get a chance to connect with the personalities behind the monster machines! You don’t want to miss Daytona Truck Meet 2019!

Daytona Truck Meet History

The first Daytona Truck meet was held in 2014 to provide a space for truck guys and gals to gather once a year to show off their pride and joy. Originating online through connections made on the official @truck_fever instagram page, the first Daytona Truck Meet in 2014 drew over 500 trucks from the Southeastern United States. In 2015, over 3,500 trucks flooded the sands and streets of Daytona. That is a 1500% increase in just one year. 2016 held over 8,000 trucks in town! We knew this “truck meet” needed more organization.

In 2017 we moved into the Ocean Center across from the beach. There were over 10,000 trucks in the Daytona area for the event! We also had over 1,000-registered show trucks, 50 vendors and 10,000+ spectators. We exceeded the Ocean Centers capacity. In 2018, the show was moved to the Daytona International Speedway! The speedway is home to some of the largest events in the country. We had thousands of registered show trucks, 25,000+ spectators and 100s of vendors.

Daytona Truck Meet receives media coverage from every major industry magazine, major television channels and local news and social media coverage. With new companies, products and truck builds being launched every year; it is no question that Daytona Truck Meet 2019 is the place to be!



WHERE DOES Daytona Truck Meet 2019 TAKE PLACE?

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