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5 New Convenient Features of the 2020 L5P Duramax

Five new convenient features you will find on the 2020 L5P Duramax! Read More!

Whether you’re a Duramax, Powerstroke, or Cummins fan, you know that there are some small details that can really be a pain in the a$$ or a serious eye-sore when it comes to your truck. Unfortunately, you usually don’t notice these minute details until after you buy. While you put up with them, life would be a lot easier if they just had a better design from the manufacturer. GM just released their 2020 Chevrolet Silverado HD, and 2020 GMC Sierra HD Duramax trucks. While you may not appreciate the new body style yet, you will appreciate these 5 small, convenient features that make a BIG difference on the 2020 Duramax.

DEF Fill Location

When it comes to Duramax trucks, I have always HATED how the DEF fill location is under the hood. While you don’t have to deal with it that often, it’s just so inconvenient. No matter what precautions I take, I ALWAYS manage to spill some DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid). I can actually remember one distinct occasion when the cheap spout of my BLUE DEF bottle actually came off. Diesel exhaust fluid went all over my truck, and I was angry to say the least. Well guys and gals, GM finally moved the inlet under the fuel cap. Now, just like your Cummins and Powerstroke friends, you can fill your DEF tank from under your Fuel Door. Hooray!

2020 Duramax new DEF Fill Location
New DEF Fill Location on 2020 Duramax Trucks

GM’s Biggest Eye Sore: The DEF Tank Location

It took me a while to get accustomed to the new LML trucks when they came out. The only thing I noticed was how huge the DEF tank was and how awkwardly it was located. It was actually why I waited until the L5P to get another Duramax. I just couldn’t get past it because I knew it would drive me nuts. Then, the L5P was released, and I just couldn’t resist buying the truck because of their sheer performance numbers. But guess what? That DEF tank still made me bitter every time I approached my truck, until finally, I bought some running boards. While they helped, it still didn’t resolve my issue as the DEF tank was still glaringly obvious. GM finally moved the Diesel exhaust fluid tank, and relocated it further back on the Frame and out of sight.

New Bed Steps: Easier access to the front of your Bed

GM’s corner steps integrated into the Duramax trucks’ rear bumpers are an awesome feature that make getting into the bed a lot easier. What about accessing the front of the bed without hopping in though? This is something every truck has struggled with. Running boards or nerf bars were the only solution! Not any longer! GM just introduced new bed steps that are located in front of the rear wheel openings to make accessing this area much easier.

2020 Duramax Bed Step
2020 Duramax New Bed Step

New Easy-Access Engine Block Heater Outlet

Because I live in Florida, this isn’t one of my pet peeves, but i’m sure it drives a few guys up north bonkers. Engine block heater outlets are an eye sore when situated behind the grille or near the bumper. We’re uncertain if this issue was resolved on GMC trucks. However, Chevrolet placed the engine block heater on the lower, side portion of the front bumper. The new Engine block heater outlet is unnoticeable and better protected from the elements. You no longer have loose hanging cords or have to open the hood for plug-in.

New Snow Prep Package

Snow plows aren’t something we use every day in Florida. I know how important they are to you guys up north though. We’re not sure about GMC, but Chevrolet introduced a new snow prep package. Chevrolet designed the front end of these trucks for easy removal of the Air Dam and skid plate for easier installation of snow plows and their hardware. You don’t even have to drill additional holes in your front bumper! We can all appreciate the goodness of a bolt-on design. When you take the plow off your truck, your truck will now maintain its clean, aesthetic appearance.

New 2020 Silverado HD Snow Prep Package
New 2020 Silverado HD Snow Prep Package

Chevrolet took many of the photos used in this article. You can find them here.

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5 thoughts on “5 New Convenient Features of the 2020 L5P Duramax

  1. Good news about relocating the def on a 2017-2019. A kit was released in the last few days. It relocates the tank inside the fender just in front of the passenger side rear tire. The kit is plug and play with no drilling. The current fill location remains the same. It’s my understanding that it comes with a 5 gallon tank vs the oem 7 gallon tank. It’s being sold by the DMAX Store. I ordered one this morning for my 2019 GMC.

  2. Oh now you relocate the DEF TANK!!!!!!! I just bought a 2018 Denali and dropped another 10,000 in Icon Suspension and Toyo’s and Fuels!!!!! I know a better relocation kit will come out…one you can actually purchase as opposed to the Unicorns I see on the internet.. But what is with the reflectors on the fender flares???? WTF???

  3. With the 2020 coming out with the relocation of the def tank, what place are they filling up that they couldn’t have done this since the beginning of def. My l5p looks hideous thanks to this and I don’t want to delete. I’m not paying 800 to take the place of my spare tire for a relocation kit or putting a tool box in my truck just to place the def.

    What I would like to know is, if the location the def tank is placed on the 2020 available on my 2018 L5P what the possibility of moving it there. Like if the location is empty what would be stopping them performing that relocation. The cost would be their hourly rate then cut a hole for the refill beside the diesel cap?

    Id like to know what possibly and work with anyone and everyone I can. Id like to show off this and prove you can without killing your wallet, I do believe people would stop deleting mostly too since it wouldn’t be such an eyesore.

    I hope you get back with me, mostly just don’t want to void anything by simply me moving it somewhere else. It still have def but no one would notice.

    I have a few more plans I’d like to know how to do but I don’t want to just take up your time.

    1. Dakota,

      Thanks for leaving us a comment on our post! The 2020 L5P Fill location will be under the gas cap next to where you pour fuel into the truck. The tank itself is located further back on the frame and out of sight from plain view.

      Now, I’m not sure as to how you would relocate the tank as these new L5P trucks are featuring a tremendous amount of new features and new parts. Even the frames themselves are new. They’re a much more heavy duty design.

      I haven’t had the opportunity to get underneath one myself and start messing around. Perhaps the best thing would be to wait until the new ones are available in the coming months and to talk to Chevrolet directly about this.

      I share your pain! I had an L5P myself for about a year. Best stock driving truck I’ve ever had. The DEF tank is a killer though. Especially without running boards. I hope you find a solution!!

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