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N-Fab Growler Step System Review

Durable, Good Looking Running Boards For Your Work Truck

Running Boards Built For Work

Running boards serve an important purpose. They make getting in and out of the cab easier, while simultaneously adding some extra protection to the side of your truck. Most trucks come from the factory with running boards, but they’re often of a lesser quality, unaesthetic, and offer less than satisfactory performance and durability. Many truck owners turn to aftermarket steps. There are literally hundreds of options out there for every make and model truck. About a month ago, we received a free set of N-Fab’s Growler Step System from to try out on our 2018 Ram 2500 Megacab. After installing the running boards and using them on my truck for a couple weeks, I wanted to give you guys my honest opinion about these new steps. Here’s what I thought!

MY FINAL RULING ON THE N-Fab Growler Step System

The N-Fab Growler Step System is a great running board option for trucks that are daily-driven or used for work. They offer a large, stable stepping platform that gives owners maximum grip down the entire length of the running board. If you live in an area where you experience snow, mud, or rain often, these steps are made for you. They feature an open-tread design that doesn't allow any building up on the running boards. They also protect the sides of your truck!










N-Fab's Growler Step System has three mounting locations. This is a major upgrade in stability and strength compared to the factory running boards that only have two mounts. The result is a very sturdy running board, that can handle weight very easily! The Growler Running Boards are made of aluminum and feature a black powder coat finish. They're lightweight, but everything feels high-quality. N-Fab gives a limited lifetime warranty on structural issues and a five year finish on the powdercoat finish too! That's a pretty great warranty for a product that's going to take some abuse! This just gave me a little bit of extra confidence in the product. Manufacturers who don't stand behind their products usually don't build the best products.


The N-Fab Growler Step System features an open-tread design that gives owners maximum traction up and down the entire length of the running boards. Not only do you have a ton of grip when getting into the truck, but the running boards themselves offer a 7" stepping platform!

If you live in an area where it frequently rains or snows, you know that most running boards can have sections that can be very slippery. The Growler Step System doesn't share these issues as rain, snow, mud or anything else can pass through the step. I live in Florida where it rains constantly. I've had the chance to use these steps during rainy days and they've performed extremely well. The only issue i've found is that if you're barefoot, it can be uncomfortable stepping into the truck due to that tread-pattern design.

The Growler Step System also offers protection to the sides of your truck. The steps stick out on either side of the truck, down the entire length of the cabin. I've had running boards save me from serious cosmetic damage before. These particular steps haven't been the victim of an accident yet, but they could be a life-saver down the road!


There are other running boards similar to the Growler Step System that are a little bit cheaper. With that being said, they do not offer the 7" stepping platform of these particular running boards. This step system is available at RealTruck for $474. This is in the middle of the price range as far as running boards and nerf bars are concerned. Most cheap step systems start around $200. These are typically tube, chrome steps that don't offer much grip or a large stepping platform. Top-tier running boards can cost over $1000. I think this particular system is priced fairy, especially considering N-Fab's Warranty.


I was mostly impressed with the design of the N-Fab Growler Step System. Unfortunately, I did not receive any installation instructions with my kit, so we had to figure out the installation procedures by ourselves. You are going to want installation instructions depending on which truck you are purchasing the steps for. Not all kits are completely bolt-on so it's important to know what you're getting yourself into! All of the brackets and hardware were present for a complete installation. We only had issues with one particular piece of hardware. The round-headed bolts that connect the support brackets to the main frame-mount brackets can be an absolute pain to tighten! Other than that, all of the brackets and components used in the N-Fab growler step system fit perfectly and were very easy to install.

N-Fab's Growler Step System was 100% bolt-on for my 2018 Ram 2500 Megacab. This is a major selling point for these running boards. I'm a big believer in bolt-on kits as they allow you to return your truck to factory specifications. Because my truck came with running boards from the factory, I could even re-use some of the factory hardware to install my Growler Running Boards.

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