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New Ram XB LED HEADLIGHTS by Morimoto

Sweet New Headlights available for Cummins truck owners! Find Out More Here!

Headlights play a huge role when it comes to your diesel truck. You rely on them to see when driving at night and a nice set of headlights can make a big statement with your diesel build. Even in 2018, many diesel trucks aren’t equipped with projector style headlights. Instead they utilize the old school, reflective headlight housing for lighting. Unless you purchased a higher end trim, your headlights most likely use dull halogen style bulbs that offer mediocre light output at best. Many high trim levels even come from the factory with halogen bulbs too. The result is poor visibility both in adverse conditions and at night. Aftermarket LED headlights are a huge upgrade over stock that offer increased visibility and longevity, and just flat-out look better.

LED Headlights For Your Cummins & Why You Need Them

Just a couple days ago I bought a 2018 Ram 2500 Megacab in the Big Horn trim. On my 2nd day into ownership, I realize my driver’s side headlight had a leak. Because my truck is a Big Horn, it has the reflective lens housing paired with regular halogen bulbs as well. Doesn’t get much worse than that from the factory. I actually had a 2011 ram 1500 about 5 years ago and I did my own retrofit using parts from The Retrofit Source. I literally baked my headlights in the oven to heat the silicone sealant of the headlights so I could pry them open. Then, I gutted, sanded, and painted the headlights along with the new bezels and projectors. For my first try, it came out pretty great! But it took a whole weekend and there are a lot of things that can go wrong if not done properly. Fortunately we now have a different option, The Morimoto’s Bi-LED projector headlights.

These LED headlights come with the best automotive lighting components already included. According to The Retrofit Source, the design was inspired by the new 5th generation ram headlights. Not only do they look sharp, but they’re a huge improvement over your stock system. Because they utilize LEDs they have a greater life expectancy, and produce an impressive beam pattern featuring great intensity, width, and distribution of light. They’re only available for pre-order currently, but we’re very excited about these lights! Check them out below.

XB LED Headlights By The Retrofit Source
XB LED Headlights By Morimoto For Dodge Ram Trucks
XB Led Headlights /w Running Lights
XB LED Headlights by the Morimoto with running lights showing.

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