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6.4L Powerstroke Fluid Capacity & Specs

A critical part of proper diesel maintenance is using the right fluids and the right oil. Adhering to a strict maintenance schedule and using the correct fluid, oil, and filters is especially important on the 6.4L Powerstroke. If you don’t, you may experience some of the 6.4L Powerstroke’s common problems. Those problems can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars to fix. It’s much better to be proactive and prevent those problems ahead of time. In this article we’ll tell you exact 6.4L Powerstroke Fluid capacity and specs you need for your truck. We’ll even provide links on where to get all the oil and fluid you need.

6.4l powerstroke fluid capacity & Specifications
6.4L Powerstroke From @_midnightexpress_

6.4L Powerstroke Fluid & Oil Capacity

For comprehensive 6.4L Powerstroke Oil and Fluid capacity take a look at the following chart. When refilling oil or fluid on your truck, pay special attention to the dip stick or other full/max lines. You want to make sure you provide your truck with more fluid than the minimum while still being below or at the max level. Never exceed the “max” or “full” line.

Oil/FluidCapacity – QuartsCapacity – Liters
Engine Oil /w filter15 quarts14.2 liters
Auto Transmission Fluid17.5 quarts16.6 liters
Manual Transmission Fluid5.8 quarts5.5 liters
Brake FluidFill to LineFill to line
Windshield Washer Fluid3.5 quarts3.3 liters
Fuel Coolant2.0 Quarts1.9 Liters
Transfer Case2.0 quarts1.9 liters
Coolant29.6 quarts28 liters
Front Differential Fluid2.9 quarts2.8 liters
Rear Differential FluidSee BelowSee Below
Sterling 10.50″ Axle3.5 quarts3.3 liters
Dana 80 Axle4.25 quarts4.0 liters
Dana S110 Axle7.0 quarts6.6 liters
Dana S130 Axle7.0 quarts6.6 liters

6.4L Powerstroke Oil & Fluid Specs

Oil/Fluid Type NeededPart Name & Link To Buy
Engine Oil15W40
Motorcraft 15W-40
Shell Rotella 15W-40 T5
Auto Transmission Fluid
Motorcraft Mercon SP
Manual Transmission FluidMotorcraft Mercon V ATF
Transfer CaseMotorcraft Mercon V ATF
CoolantConcentrated Motorcraft Gold VC-7
Prediluted 50/50 Motorcraft VC7-DIL-B
Coolant AdditiveMotorcraft VC-8
Front Differential FluidSAE 80W-90
Rear Differential FluidVaries According to Axle
10.50″ Sterling AxleSAE 75W-140
Dana M80 AxleSAE 75W-90
Dana S110 Axle:SAE 75W-140
Dana S130 Axle:SAE 75W-140

6.4L Powerstroke Fuel Capacity

Your 6.4L Powerstroke’s fuel capacity varies according to your bed length. The chart below gives fuel capacity for 2008-2010 Ford Superduty trucks equipped with the 6.4L Powerstroke engine.

TypeFuel Capacity
Short Bed30 gallons
Long Bed38 gallons
Cab & Chassis: Mid-Ship Tank19 gallons
Cab & Chassis: Aft Axle40 gallons

6.4L Powerstroke Engine Oil Viscosity Guide

If you live in a warm environment, sticking with 15W-40 oil is the best option for your 6.4L Powerstroke. Colder environments may require substituting 10W-30 instead. Take a look at the following chart. Your 6.4L Powerstroke’s engine oil may need to be changed according to outdoor temperatures.

Oil ViscosityFahrenheitCelsius
15W-4020 Degrees +-7 Degrees +
10W-300-50 DegreesBetween -18 Degrees and 10 Degrees

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